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2014 Chinese Industrial Informatization Selection Activity

    Bilian won the "2014 Chinese Smart Cloud Routing Prize for Outstanding Contribution".
    On September 19, 2014 at the Chinese Computer Newspaper, the Chinese Informationization Promoting Union, and the Chinese Computer Industry Association jointly organized the "The Sixth Chinese Industrial Iinformatization Prize-giving Grand Ceremony of 2014". It was held at the Beijing New Century Japan Airlines Hotel. Representatives from more than 600 companies in the field of industrial informationization, government leaders, industry experts and academics attended the meeting and award ceremony, sharing classic cases of industrial informatization, and thoroughly discusses the developments in industrial informationization in our country.

    It was a great honor that our company was invited and took part in this activity, especially worth celebrating was: Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co., Ltd., won the "2014 Chinise Smart Cloud Routing Prize for Outstanding Contribution", and the LB - LINK brand was known as the "2014 Chinese Intelligent Routing Trusted Brand" for smart cloud routers, business routers, etc., the Bilian Electronics Company was the only company to receive this honor.

    Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Company Ltd. received the "2014 Chinese Smart Cloud Routing Prize for Outstanding Contribution" (the 5th person on the left)

    The LB-LINK brand received the "2014 Chinese Smart Routing Trusted Brand Award" (the 7th person on the left)

    We won this honor, not only for our company’s smart cloud routing contributions, it is also a kind of affirmation. Is a kind of great hope, we will live up to people’s expectations, in smart home control and cloud routing control, do more and more outstanding things, go farther and farther...

    Representing the company at this meeting was the company's director Liu Zehong, in the “Chinese Computer Newspaper” reporter’s interview, he said: "In the era of big data, we use hardware end products as sown seeds, in the future we will extract data from these products to help us to expand our customer base and increase our market share, just like Alibaba, nowadays, built a platform, the variety of development opportunities is unlimited."

    All knowledgeable people know, our company's hardware is really great, it is Mediatek’s large domestic chip supplier except for Huawei and ZTE. We have come to era of big data. We "planted seeds". We will care for them, and hope in the future market we can reap success.

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